Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia
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Campaign Overview

What is the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia?
Championed by Pennsylvania State Representative Dwight Evans and guided by researcher and author of Murder is No Accident Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith, the Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia initiative was developed with input from lawmakers, law enforcement officials, public health officials and community leaders. The ten year violence reduction plan is funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is a comprehensive approach aimed at ending youth violence in the city. Blueprint supports the Violence Reduction Partnership Program, Witness Relocation, Pennsylvania Injury Reporting and Intervention System (PIRIS), Local-State Firearm Task Force and the Gun Courts.

Blueprint Mission Statement
To end youth homicides in the city of Philadelphia by the year 2016 by leveraging the resources, expertise, and capacity of a wide range of community and government stakeholders.

Blueprint Structure, Purpose and Work
Blueprint consists of two strategy groups:

The Management Team serves as the Blueprint program implementation group and is comprised of staff from the office of State Representative Dwight Evans, GPUAC, MEE Productions and CHOICE. The management team works collaboratively under the direction of Dr. Paul Fink and Representative Evans’ office on project strategy, program direction and outcome measurement. The management team meets bi-weekly.

Management Team Members
Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
GPUAC unites government, business, neighborhoods and individual initiatives to improve the quality of life in the region, build wealth in urban communities and solve emerging issues. For the Blueprint, GPUAC facilitates and coordinates Blueprint programs through the distribution of PCCD funds under the Blueprint Safer Neighborhoods in Cities of the First Class strategy. As such GPUAC provides:

  • Implementation of the Blueprint grant-making program to community organizations; Compliance activities; Grantee data collection, tracking and reporting capability via GPUAC’s Efforts to Outcomes performance management system;
  • Technical assistance (capacity-building support) in the form of training workshops focused on program planning, progress monitoring/benchmarking, outcomes measurement, performance management and financial sustainability.

MEE Productions, Inc.
MEE Productions Inc. is a cutting-edge communications and research company with offices in Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Since the company’s inception in 1990, this African American-owned firm has become an industry leader in developing marketing and advertising campaigns targeting underserved audiences. At the same time MEE has remained committed to its founding principle: using socially responsible entrepreneurship to reach and positively influence those living in at-risk environments. For the Blueprint, MEE designed and is implementing a targeted social marketing campaign using a wide range of strategies, including traditional grassroots outreach media, and community forums to effectively communicate violence prevention and positive youth expression message.

Dr. Paul J. Fink, is a prominent psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and speaker.  Dr. Fink is currently a Professor of Psychiatry at the Temple University School of Medicine.  He founded the Einstein Center for the Study of Violence at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He also chairs the city’s Youth Homicide Committee and is a founding member of the city’s Youth Violence Reduction Partnership Program.

CHOICE, a health consumer-centered agency operating in Philadelphia for over 35 years, works to overcome and eliminate barriers that impede access to quality health care and information for all individuals – regardless of economic status, gender, age, race, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. For the Blueprint, CHOICE provides a hotline referral service that offers youth and their families access to support and resources, along with options for changing their lives.  The hotline also serves as a clearinghouse for information which connects community-based organizations to one another. 

The Strategic Advisory Committee is comprised of community leaders including, the Office of State Representative Dwight Evans, GPUAC, Dr. Paul Fink, MEE Productions, United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, Philadelphia Safe and Sound, Philadelphia Anti-Drug Anti-Violence Network The School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Youth Network.

Partner Contact Information

GPUAC 215-851-0110 or

MEE Productions 215-829-4920 or

CHOICE can be reached at the following numbers: 215-985-3300 (CHOICE Hotline); 215-985-3350 (Spanish Language); 215-985-3356 (Business Office); or

The Office of State Representative Dwight Evans 215-549-0220 or

Think Tank

The Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia benefits from the intellectual and practical expertise of a Think Tank that convenes quarterly. The Think Tank is composed of a diverse body of experts in public health, research, youth violence programs, education, substance abuse, and delinquency prevention The Think Tank discusses the initiatives current activities and provide insight about its future direction.

Resource Mapping

The Blueprint for a Safer Philadelphia is focusing special attention on the following Philadelphia neighborhoods:

  1. Overbrook
  2. Cobbs Creek
  3. Kingsessing
  4. Elmwood
  5. Frankford
  6. Fairhill
  7. Richmond
  8. West Kensington
  9. Point Breeze
  10. Germantown

Policy Watch

Polls on Guns & Violence: February 26 – March 4, 2007

Title: Pennsylvania Statewide Poll on Guns & Violence
Title: Pennsylvania Statewide Poll on Guns & Violence – Memo

Press Release from State Rep. Dwight Evans

Title: Dwight Evans and Local Lawmakers Announce 2007 Crime Package

Article from the Boston Globe – May 19, 2006

Title: Getting Back to Antiviolence


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